Stretch Zone of Hilton Head

Stretch Zone® is a revolutionary movement in the health, wellness and fitness industries focusing on practitioner assisted stretching. This proprietary program of stretching uses a patent pending strapping system, together with specific protocols to work with the muscle tonus (muscle’s nervous tension) in a scientific way to achieve an optimal active range of motion. This program is increasing in popularity and is licensed to over thirty locations including professional sports teams and world class spas.

Practitioners work with the stretch reflex and some lesser known but extremely powerful principles of neuromuscular behavior. When your body is correctly stabilized, fear is reduced. Your body is better able to relax and allow for the full stretch. The great benefit of Stretch Zone’s practitioner assisted stretching is the ability to control and alter the timing of and even overcome the stretch reflex.

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The Benefits of the SZM® Include:

• Increase and maintain range of motion

• Enhance physical and athletic skills

• Increase muscle relaxation

• Relieve stiffness and soreness

• Feel lighter & younger



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Sat: 8am-4pm


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